Elbrus - the tourist part of the name of the Great Caucasus from the western approaches to the Elbrus to Chegem river basin in the east. Its southern border runs along the Main Caucasian ridge. This wonderful land with majestic covered ice caps peaks, picturesque valleys, waterfalls and plenty of mineral springs.
Chain of beautiful peaks of main and lateral ridges with passes in neighboring Georgia, ski slopes on Mount Elbrus and Cheget giving pleasure riding, both novice and extremists, nominated Elbrus in one of the major areas of mass tourism, mountaineering and skiing on the entire territory of the former USSR. Rocky towers beauty Shkhelda, powerful and majestic bulk bicornuate Ushba, glaciers and snow fields, dazzling shining in the sun, the beauty of the river valleys and ravines, covered with pine forest and colorful rugs subalpine and alpine meadows, rushing mountain streams invariably involve here climbers, skiers, hikers and nature lovers.

It was here, in the lateral ridge of the mountain range and is the Greater Caucasus and its jewel - the two-headed handsome Mount Elbrus. Its massif is composed of deep crystalline rocks - granite, gneiss and rocks of volcanic origin - tuffs and diabase. The height of the western summit of this giant - 5642 meters east - 6621 meters.
The majestic impression on the other five thousand meters and four-thousander: Dykhtau (5203m), Dzhangi-Tau (5058m), Shkhara (5068m), Ushba (4690m), Irikchat (4050m), Donguz Orun (4454m), Dzhaylyk (4424m), Gian Tugan (4012)

Elbrus region famous for its picturesque gorges, located at an altitude of 2000 m and above. The largest of them - the Baksan Gorge. From the north-east it has an open, gradually expanding output. Above 3500 m above sea level are widespread glacial landforms. Free surfaces are covered with glaciers moraines. Glacial cirques, moraine lake with emerald blue water - the characteristics of the relief Prielbrusskogo highlands. But the lower levels (2000-3500 m) on the slopes of many stone deposits with white spots melting snows. On the steep ledges of rocks cascading waterfalls.